Gosh! My Husband Never Lets Me Sleep At Night

It seems like a small problem, but its not. This is about to break my marriage. Ever since i got married to my husband i have never had a sound sleep. Every night my husband farts and farts and farts. The room smells like shit every morning. Sometimes the sound of his fart even wakes me up at night and i quickly run to the sitting room to complete my sleep. I'm really frustrated. I have advised him to stop eating things that make him fart at night, but he won't listen to me.
It sounds like a stupid reason to divorce someone, but i truly cannot take it any longer. It seems the farting has made my love for him disappear, because he now disgusts me. I want to sleep with my husband and feel happy when i wake up. As i write to you now, i no longer sleep in our bedroom, i sleep in the sitting room. We don't have children yet, so i'm contemplating if to divorce him and marry someone else. I want a happy life, I  cannot manage the farting for the rest of my life.

 I really need genuine advise please.......

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  1. A good marriage requires a lot of patience and maturity!!!!....you can adjust the meal time table inorder to prevent him from eating food that makes him fart too much......but all the same , no one is perfect, some women are dealing with an abusive, cheating husband!!!....dnt allow fart issues to break ur marriage...just take things out with him and be PATIENT!!!.....

  2. First world problems. If you don't love him anymore just divorce him and spare him the suffering he would have feel later. Or open a window and shut up

  3. Oh my God! Thank you for posting about this topic. When i read your story, it was completely a reflection of my life. At the moment, im going through the same trauma with my marriage. Do i really want to live for the rest of my life with shitty smell?During the night, Our bedroom smells worse than public toilets. We talked about it every day but he doesnt seem to want to change anything. I hate our bedroom!


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