''She Sleeps Around, But She Is Still My Wife, A DNA Must Be Conducted For Our Daughter'' - Laide Bakare's Hubby Speaks

The rate at which some Nollywood actresses and their hubbies are disgracing themselves is getting too much...Popular yoruba actress, Laide Bakare Okunfulure recently dumped her hubby, Olumide Okunfulure for  another man, Tunde Oriowo, who allegedly bought her a Range rover SUV and a house.
In a chat with Encomium weekly from his base in Washington district,Columbia, USA, Laide's enstranged hubby, Olumide speaks;
Your wife, laide released a statement that she dumped you for another businessman, Mr. Tunde Oriowo because she realised that you were legally married to another wife who had given you two children, not actually single as you told her when the relationship started? 
How could I have married two women legally in Nigeria? I should be in Jail by now because there is a law that condemns such an act. How come she has not gone to court instead of media for seperation? Seperation can only come through the court.
Read on...see what he says about their daughter's paternity...
 American government gave Laide Green card because she is legally married to me, we had a court marriage in Nigeria also. When she was supposed to be a faithful wife, she would leave her matrimonial home to stay with married men in Lagos, all in the name of being actress or career lady. I couldn't monitor her because i am not always in Nigeria. In fact, there was a time she left our baby, Similoluwa with me for eight months in America in the name of career lady, i had become a nursing father. I have been trying to manage my home the way i could.

Are you Insinuating she cheated on you?
Yes, Of course! She did both in the past and now, all in the name of being career woman.

If she is cheating on you both in the past and now, can you be sure of your child's paternity?

I have made up my mind that my doctor should begin the process of DNA of our daughter to know who is the father, whether Mr. Tunde Oriowo or myself. As we speak, she brought Similoluwa back to Nigeria illegally and as we speak, the child is under her mother's care.

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