EVIL!! JSS pupils caught donating blood secretly and illegally to Mr Sola in Agege Lagos

About nine junior secondary school students were, on Tuesday, caught donating blood illegally to a man identified as Mr Sola, in Agege area of Lagos.
According to a reliable source, members of the community had noticed how students regularly visited a certain shop located on Owoloabi Omotoye street, Orile Agege, during and after school hours. After a little investigation, it was discovered that the students had been donating their blood for money.
One of the students caught at the shop, identified as Emeka, a JSS2 pupil, confessed to having donated his blood thrice and that Sola paid a sum of N1, 500 for every donation, asking them “not to tell anyone about it.”
Some of the students, according to reports gathered, had donated their blood up to 17 times .
The Parent-Teachers’ Association chairman, State Junior High School, Mr Adeyemi, who confirmed the  incident, said some of the students, who seemed very sickly as a result of the continuous blood donation, had been taken to the hospital for care, while the rest had been released to their parents.
He said not only the students caught were involved in this act, as several of them later admitted to having donated their blood at one point or the other, adding that the case had been reported to the education district 1 for further address.
Some of the students were from Oke Odo High School; State Senior High School,Oyewole; State Junior High School, Oyewole; State High School, Mulero; Keke High school, Agege and others.

Credits to Tribune.com.ng

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